Best Travel Insurance Companies in 2022 Ranked and Reviewed | For Students

Travel can take you places you’ve never been, but if you land in the hospital or become stranded due to flight cancellations, you could end up with the wrong kind of adventure.

The best travel insurance may not be able to prevent emergencies, but it can save you from the painful financial consequences.

We know what a challenge it is to hunt for a company that provides the specific coverage you need when you take off on any journey. We wanted to reduce your planning burdens, so we decided to research the best insurance providers for travel. Here’s what we discovered.

Best Travel Insurance Companies Reviewed:

1. — Best International Travel Insurance

02 best-travel-insurance-companies.png travel Insurance Pros:

  • Offers quick quotes from trusted companies
  • Quoted prices are guaranteed
  • Comparison tool is easy to use
  • Coverage begins immediately when purchased through website
  • Allows for group coverage quotes travel Insurance Cons:

  • Company is not an insurance provider
  • Good providers may be excluded from search
  • Does not facilitate claims can help you find just the right policy for you. While the company doesn’t offer its own insurance policies, it can help you find one with the coverage you need at a price you like. They offer quotes from 15 well-known companies offering trip insurance. travel Insurance Plan Options: 5/5

We placed at the top of our list of best travel insurance companies because it makes it easy for you to compare multiple plan options from trusted providers. Using the company’s quote tool, you have more plan options to choose from than you would with any individual provider’s site. Customer Satisfaction: 5/5

The company is Better Business Bureau-accredited and has a five-star rating on the BBB website. On, received four or five stars from 98.4{1b90e59fe8a6c14b55fbbae1d9373c165823754d058ebf80beecafc6dee5063a} of the 79,090 verified users. Insurance Claims Process: 4.6/5

As a policy facilitator, doesn’t offer its own insurance. It also doesn’t handle any part of the claims process. Customers may think otherwise, as the company has a claims tab on its menu bar. When they click on the tab, they can locate contact information for each provider.

The Website Interface: 4.9/5’s travel insurance quote tool is easy to find and simple to use. The tool asks for basic trip and traveler information. You won’t have the option to filter for the types of coverage you want, which may make it more time-consuming for you to find the right policy.

Overall Score of travel Insurance: 4.9/5

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2. Generali Global Assistance — Best Travel Health Insurance

03 best-travel-insurance-companies.jpg

Generali Global Assistance travel Insurance Pros:

  • Plans cover non-emergency telemedicine services
  • Pays $1,000 up front for emergency medical
  • Offers identity theft resolution on all plans
  • Medical evacuation on all plans
  • All plans include concierge services

Generali Global Assistance travel Insurance Cons:

  • CFAR add-on only available with premium plan
  • Pre-existing condition add-on available with premium only
  • Generally priced higher than other companies

Most people think of travel insurance as emergency services protection. Generali Global Assistance takes it one step further, providing coverage for non-emergency telemedicine services on all its plans. They also offer other perks, such as identity theft resolution, in case someone steals your identity during your travels.

Generali Global Assistance travel Insurance Plan Options: 4.8/5

Generali Global Assistance offers three coverage tiers. Customers receive a suite of standard coverages, as well as several that aren’t often provided with basic plans, including medical evacuation coverage. This company also covers telemedicine services, allowing customers to access U.S. doctors for prescriptions and non-emergency appointments.

Generali Global Assistance Customer Satisfaction: 4.8/5

Customers generally seem satisfied with their travel insurance policies and the claims process. Out of 19,504 customer ratings and reviews on the company website, 97{1b90e59fe8a6c14b55fbbae1d9373c165823754d058ebf80beecafc6dee5063a} were four- or five-star ratings. On, the company’s average rating for customer satisfaction is 4.58 stars, with 12,861 reviews.

Generali Global Assistance travel Claims Process: 4.7/5

This company provides two ways to file a claim: online and via phone. Customers can also contact claims support through email if they need assistance. Generali Global Assistance partners with Zelle to offer direct deposit for payout, in addition to standard check delivery through the mail. Though this company has an app for its other types of insurance, it does not have one for travel insurance.

The Generali Global Assistance Website Interface: 5/5

Generali’s website is user-friendly, with a pleasing layout that isn’t too cluttered or difficult to read. You can easily compare plans using a table that displays standard and optional coverages. Fill out a simple form on the front page and get a quote quickly.

Overall Score of Generali Global Assistance travel Insurance: 4.8/5

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3. Seven Corners — Best International Travel Insurance for a Budget

04 best-travel-insurance-companies.jpg

Seven Corners travel Insurance Pros:

  • Budget insurance plans for students and faculty
  • Customizable U.S. travel coverage for citizens
  • Annual plan for frequent travel
  • Arranges and pays for emergency evacuation services

Seven Corners travel Insurance Cons:

  • Website navigation isn’t intuitive
  • Medical protection isn’t part of trip coverage
  • No easy way to compare plans

Seven Corners has been providing travel insurance for more than 25 years to travel in the U.S. and abroad. It’s an excellent option for students, education staff and faculty, as the company has budget options for traveling abroad for educational purposes.

Seven Corners travel Insurance Plan Options: 4.6/5

U.S. citizens can choose between six plans, though not everyone is eligible for all those offered. Only full-time students and scholars, academic staff and faculty traveling for school or work purposes can sign up for the student plan.

Medical coverage is not part of trip protection plans, and must be purchased separately. The company offers an unusual option for travel insurance in its plan that covers trips within the U.S. for Americans.

Seven Corners Customer Satisfaction: 4.6/5

Overall customer satisfaction is on par with Generali’s on, though the company has fewer reviews and ratings. Seven Corners received an average rating of 4.59 stars from 1,789 reviewers. On Trustpilot, the average rating was lower, at 4.2 stars from 3,720 reviews. Many customers giving the company one-star reviews indicated they had issues with claims resolutions taking too long.

Seven Corners travel Claims Process: 4.9/5

Seven Corners makes filing a claim easy, allowing you to submit using the company’s app, or file online, via phone or fax and through the mail. Your travel insurance Claims Tracker lets you keep track of your status.

The Seven Corners Website Interface: 4.2/5

The website is not as intuitive and user-friendly as it could be. While the drop-down menu for plans identifies the types of policies available, with a brief summary for each, there is no easy way to compare plans. You also need to scroll down to the bottom of each plan page to find out what’s covered.

Overall Score of Seven Corners travel Insurance: 4.7/5

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4. AIG Travel Guard — Best International Travel Insurances for Emergencies

05 best-travel-insurance-companies.png

AIG Travel Guard travel Insurance Pros:

  • Provides emergency medical and security evacuation
  • Plans available for residents in all states
  • Plan comparison is easy
  • Option to purchase annual or last-minute coverage

AIG Travel Guard travel Insurance Cons:

  • Can’t add all optional coverage online
  • Premiums are higher than other companies
  • CFAR add-on not available for essential plans
  • Medical coverage limits lower than other providers

AIG Travel Guard offers several travel insurance coverage options in addition to the three basic tiers. It’s also one of the few companies providing emergency evacuation coverage for security events, as well as for medical emergencies.

AIG Travel Guard travel Insurance Plan Options: 4.8/5

Travel Guard offers three general plan tiers, plus additional options for an annual plan or a last-minute traveler policy.

The company also has several “offline” packages providing specialized coverages. Its medical expense limits are lower than other companies, and cancel-for-any-reason coverage is not available at the lowest tier.

AIG Travel Guard Customer Satisfaction: 4.5/5

Customers on Travel Guard’s website give them a 4.6-star average rating. Most negative reviews comment on customer service hold times or an inability to get through to an agent or representative, rather than travel insurance product or claims resolution concerns.

The company received a 4.57 average rating on from 7,159 reviewers. When you examine customers who filed a claim, the average rating drops to 4.33 from 422 customers.

AIG Travel Guard travel Insurance Claims Process: 4.6/5

Travel Guard customers can file a claim using the online portal 24/7. Those who prefer to can submit via phone or through the mail. The company doesn’t have an app, which would make the process easier for many. The website does an excellent job of providing information about required documentation. It does not offer direct deposit for claims benefits.

The AIG Travel Guard Website Interface: 4.6/5

You’ll have no trouble navigating the site if you want the tiered, annual or last-minute travel insurance plans. The interface is user-friendly, with easily identifiable navigation buttons and links.

A comparison page for the three tiered plans provides coverage options in a table. However, if you want to know more about the specialized coverage, you will need to make a phone call, and it might take you a while to reach an agent.

Overall Score of AIG Travel Guard travel Insurance: 4.6

5. Arch RoamRight — Best Travel Medical Insurance for Adventure travel

06 best-travel-insurance-companies.jpg

Arch RoamRight travel Insurance Pros:

  • Four plans offer adventure travel add-on
  • Six plan levels
  • Annual plans available for frequent travel

Arch RoamRight travel Insurance Cons:

  • CFAR is not an option
  • Trip coverage not available on all plans
  • Information on site not in user-friendly format

Arch RoamRight is the best travel insurance company for adventure travel. This company offers hazardous sports coverage as an add-on for four of its plans. Arch RoamRight provides flexibility in coverage options, with six tiers to choose from.

Arch RoamRight travel Insurance Plan Options: 4.5/5

This company provides six coverage tiers, with some distinct differences between them. If you want trip protection, you are limited to four plans. This company scored extra points for offering a hazardous sports coverage add-on for four of its plans, giving adventure travel peace of mind. Some plans also come with security emergency evacuation coverage.

Arch RoamRight Customer Satisfaction: 4.3/5

RoamRight’s Trustpilot reviews show that customers are largely satisfied with the travel insurance and customer service they got from this company. It received an overall rating of 4.1 from 1,389 ratings and reviews. Negative reviews generally revolved around dissatisfaction with claims results, and the company responded to those postings. RoamRight scored an average of 4.6 from 2,143 reviews on The rating dropped to 4.17 for the 157 customers who had to file a claim.

Arch RoamRight travel Insurance Claims Process: 4.8/5

Customers can file a claim online or over the phone. Though the company has an app for its customers, they can’t use it to file a claim.

The website provides detailed information on how the claims process works and what to expect. Arch RoamRight also gives claimants receiving benefits from their travel insurance the option to get their money through electronic funds transfer or a paper check.

The Arch RoamRight Website Interface: 4.3/5

The company could improve its website significantly to make it more user-friendly. If you want to compare plans for their benefits, you’ll have a difficult time.

The comparison page is not set up in the more readable and functional table format you may see many other companies use. Coverage details are only available for each individual plan.

Overall Score of Arch RoamRight travel Insurance: 4.5/5

How We Selected the Best International Travel Health Insurance Services:

Before we began our search for the best trip insurance providers, we identified the most important considerations for those looking for coverage before they travel.

We selected companies that have multiple plan options, with enough variations between them to meet the needs of a wide range of travel. We also looked into what kind of optional coverages they offered, providing additional flexibility and choices.

Customer satisfaction figured significantly in our determination. Insurance companies frequently get complaints and low ratings. We looked for those that stood out for the number of positive reviews they received.

When you travel, it’s hard enough dealing with emergencies. You don’t want the claims process to be challenging, either. We made sure the travel insurance companies on our list made it easy to file a claim. Lastly, we evaluated the company’s website to ensure visitors could find the information they needed as quickly as possible and get a quote for coverage.

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Best Travel Health Insurance Companies – FAQs

07 best-travel-insurance-companies.jpg

Is travel insurance required when you travel overseas?

Travel insurance might be required, but it depends on your destination country. Countries like Antigua demand proof of medical coverage before you can enter the country. It’s best to check out the entrance policies for any country you plan to visit, so you don’t get turned away for not meeting requirements.

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Some countries don’t require it for everyone, or only recommend coverage. In most cases, coverage recommendations are for medical expense protection. However, coverage ensures that your losses aren’t entirely out-of-pocket if something goes wrong before or during your travels.

What does travel insurance cover?

The range of options varies among companies. Most providers offer a combination of trip protection and medical coverage, though some — such as Seven Corners — delineate between the two types of plans. Trip protection usually covers losses from trip cancellation, trip interruptions, travel delay, missed connections and baggage loss or delay. Medical coverage provides for emergency medical expenses if you get hurt on your trip.

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Oftentimes, companies offer add-ons that boost your protection. If you are an adventure traveler participating in activities such as skydiving or trekking, you may want to consider a company that offers hazardous sports coverage, such as Arch Roam Right.

Some companies offer additional coverage that allows you to cancel for any reason, covers rental car damage or allows for pre-existing medical conditions. Not all companies provide the same coverage options or add-ons.

Will my travel insurance pay for my canceled trip?

Most companies include trip cancellation protection in their plans, but whether your company pays for your canceled trip depends on your policy. Generally, the reason for cancellation must fall under the company’s covered events.

If you have a medical emergency that requires you to cancel, your policy may pay for at least a portion of the expenses you already paid for once you provide the necessary documentation.

Check your policy for how much you can expect to get back to make sure the company covers 100{1b90e59fe8a6c14b55fbbae1d9373c165823754d058ebf80beecafc6dee5063a} of your losses.

Your insurance won’t pay for anything that is refunded to you. For instance, if the airline refunds a portion or all of your ticket, your insurance won’t duplicate that refund. Some companies offer cancel-for-any-reason coverage on some of their packages for an additional cost.

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Do I need to get separate travel insurance policies for every trip I take?

Trip coverage is usually a per-trip policy. A majority of travelers don’t take trips frequently enough to pay for ongoing protection. Insurance companies tailor plans to meet the travel requirements of each customer. When you request a quote, you input your travel itinerary, including destinations and travel dates. Check your policy for when it starts and ends.

Some companies provide an option for frequent travel. AIG Travel Guard offers those who travel multiple times throughout the year the option to purchase an annual plan. These policies offer trip and medical coverages for every trip you take for a year.

How much does travel insurance cost?

You can expect to pay, on average, between 4{1b90e59fe8a6c14b55fbbae1d9373c165823754d058ebf80beecafc6dee5063a} and 10{1b90e59fe8a6c14b55fbbae1d9373c165823754d058ebf80beecafc6dee5063a} of the total cost of your non-refundable trip expenses. If you opt for add-on coverages, it can significantly increase your costs. You also pay more for higher limits.

If you’re a full-time student aged 12 and over, or a scholar, educational staff or a faculty member, you can get budget insurance from companies such as Seven Corners for education- or research-related travel.

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Your rate depends on the company and policy you choose. Additionally, individual states set trip insurance rate guidelines, leading to variations across states for similar policies. Your destination may also impact how much you pay for coverage.

How do I get the right travel insurance coverage for me?

It’s usually a good idea to shop around for a plan that offers the coverage you need at the best rates. provides an easy way to compare plans using the quote tool.

The company doesn’t provide its own insurance, but it offers quotes and the option to purchase from 15 different providers. When comparing companies and plans, look at available plan options to see which ones provide the highest coverage at the lowest price.

Additionally, check for add-ons that meet specific needs, such as cancel-for-any-reason or hazardous sports coverage.

Read reviews to find out what customers think about the companies’ travel insurance policies and customer support. Make sure the claims process is easy to use and that the website is easy to navigate and provides the information you need to make an informed decision.

Top 5 international Travel Insurance Companies:

  • Key feature: Quote tool for quick comparisons for multiple travel insurance companies
  • Any-reason cancellation: Some companies provide the option
  • Medical coverage limits: Varies
  • Number of plan options: Varies

Generali Global Assistance

  • Key feature: Offers telemedicine coverage for all plan levels
  • Any-reason cancellation: Only available as a premium plan add-on
  • Medical coverage limits: $50,000 – $250,000 per traveler
  • Number of plan options: Three tiers, with add-on options

Seven Corners

  • Key feature: Has options for budget travel
  • Any-reason cancellation: Only available as an add-on option for Round Trip Elite Plan
  • Medical coverage limits: $10,000 – $1,000,000 per traveler
  • Number of plan options: Five plans for U.S. citizens, including one for students, education staff and faculty

AIG Travel Guard

  • Key feature: Provides security and emergency medical evacuation for all plans
  • Any-reason cancellation: Available as an add-on option for all plans
  • Medical coverage limits: $15,000 – $100,000 per traveler
  • Number of plan options: Three tiers, plus annual and last-minute plans and specialty packages

Arch RoamRight

  • Key feature: Offers hazardous sports coverage for adventure travel insurance
  • Any-reason cancellation: Not offered
  • Medical coverage limits: $25,000 – $500,000 per person
  • Number of plan options: Six tiers, with add-ons available

Best Travel Insurance Companies – Final Thoughts

Travel insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all policy. What works for you may not be suitable for someone else. The number of options out there can be mind-boggling, making it challenging to find one that is a good fit for your coverage needs and wallet without some guidance on which companies provide the best plans for a wide range of travel.

Compare quotes at! gives you a quick and easy way to compare plans, but not all the best companies are represented. We hope our review offers some insight that helps you narrow your options for finding a plan that meets your needs.

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