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    Allianz Trade in Americas

    In addition to the information provided in question 49, Allianz Trade North America is an exceptional place to work. From amazing benefits to flexible working opportunities, the organization is always putting its employees first. From the first day an employee starts with Allianz Trade, it’s apparent that the culture is unique. Many companies claim to have a people first, empowering and courageous culture, but Allianz Trade truly lives up to this. The team is like a family, ideas are encouraged and the desire to constantly improve is apparent on a daily basis. It’s a truly unique opportunity to work with a worldwide organization that has a familial feeling.

  • American Global

    At American Global, we’re revolutionizing the role of the broker, demonstrating why it’s time to start expecting more. With over 100 global employees, we collaborate across every role and geography to deliver a client experience that feels less transactional and brings more value anywhere in the world. In an industry that historically resists change, we seek to not only embrace it but drive it. This strategy fuels the vibrant and collaborative culture we share today. At American Global, we make time to help our colleagues, push one another to do better, and continuously look for new ways to accomplish more. As we continue to grow, we do not seek to simply preserve this culture but instead look for individuals who will help shape it further.

  • American Integrity Insurance Company

    The magic for American Integrity lies in the little things we do.  It is not one policy, best practice or event that allows us this honor,  it is the cumulative effect of many small things.  A combination of concierge service and a variety of events to appeal to the diverse interests and needs of our team.  We go beyond just celebrating holidays, we celebrate life – we are there for births, illnesses, deaths and milestones; we ensure inclusion of our remote staff and love surprising our employees.  We have a tailor-made environment that is constantly changing to meet the needs of the employees. From day one, you are a part of our family not just an employee.

  • Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company

    Amerisure is one of the nation’s leading providers of commercial insurance, protecting businesses for over 100 years. We specialize in managing risk for businesses in construction, manufacturing, and healthcare. When you partner with Amerisure for commercial insurance, whether it’s workers compensation, general liability, pollution, property, or other coverage, you also get a tireless advocate for making your workplace the safest it can be. At Amerisure, we create exceptional value for our Partners For Success agencies and policyholders, and this value is fostered by Amerisure’s exceptional employees. Our Net Promoter Score of 83 highlights Amerisure’s proven focus on providing a superior service experience.

  • Apex Benefits

    Apex Benefits is Indiana’s largest employee benefits advisory firm dedicated exclusively to helping employers realize cost savings on their group insurance plans. Our team of clinical and benefits strategists is aggressive in identifying opportunities for employers to reduce medical plan expenses and improve employee well-being. As the trusted benefits partner for more than 200 clients, we provide consulting services in areas including risk management, human resources, total rewards, population health management and benefits communications. We save our clients more on their benefits—so they can do more for their employees.

  • Ascot Group

    Ascot Group is a global specialty insurance and reinsurance group with a record of underwriting excellence and superior claims service. Founded in 2001, Ascot provides a broad range of property and casualty products to customers worldwide through its Lloyd’s and Bermuda market platforms. In the United States, Ascot provides specialized insurance products to small and mid-sized business as well as offering underwriting services to high-quality carrier and syndicate partners through its MGU, Ethos Specialty.

  • Associated Insurance and Risk Management

    We are honored to be selected as one of the Best Places to Work in Insurance. Thank you to Business Insurance and Best Companies Group! We also want to take this opportunity to spotlight and thank our amazing employees who so well represent Associated and allow this 132 year-old insurance and risk management advisory firm to be so successful at going above and beyond for all our stakeholders –  because their future is our present.  Thank you again.

  • At-Bay

    At-Bay is passionate about redefining what it means to work in insurance. Drawing upon expertise from many industries, our team takes pride in being a diverse company, both personally and professionally. We’re committed to building an environment where people of all identities and backgrounds can thrive, develop their careers, and bring their full selves to work. Our culture is driven by collaboration to solve complex problems and having fun working together. As a globally distributed company, we stay connected through virtual gatherings, online dialogue, in-person events, and volunteer outings. Our team recognizes the importance of work-life balance, offering flexible work hours, generous PTO, great benefits, and quarterly wellness days.

  • Berkley Agribusiness

    It’s an honor to earn this award and to be recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Insurance across the entire country. It’s a testament to both our dedicated associates and leadership team. We are a company of people who believe in the entrepreneurial spirit, with each employee being highly vested in our agribusiness and food niches we serve and truly creators of our value. Their passion and expertise with our companies’ culture of “everyone counts, everyone matters” fosters collaboration where everyone shares vision for excellence. That enables a delivery of solutions and expertise to our customers, allowing them to plan for long term protection, growth and sustainability in essential industries that feed the world.

  • Berkley Mid-Atlantic Group, LLC

    Verus offers an innovative and collaborative culture in which employees at all levels are encouraged to challenge the status quo in every aspect of their role, asking questions and initiating experiments in an effort to discover new and more efficient ways of working. The company firmly believes in employee development, and provides team members with wide range of both technical and competency-based training, preparation time and reimbursement for certifications, as well as mentoring and job-shadowing opportunities for those wishing to advance within their current job family, or gain exposure to a different area of the organization. The company culture is open, inclusive and engaging.

  • Blue Star Claims LLC

    Blue Star Claims fosters a creative and collaborative environment that challenges and empowers employees to be their very best. The company focuses on the employees first knowing that a happy and satisfied employee can thrive, enjoy their work and help the company grow. At Blue Star you know you really matter.

  • Bold Penguin

    Bold Penguin is a growing business that manages to feel like a tight-knit family. Among the company’s core values are transparency, diversity and inclusion, collaboration, innovation, and respect for work-life balance. These values create and support success for individuals and the company. 

    Bold Penguin is a place that celebrates peoples’ differences and embraces what we have in common. Penguins are encouraged to bring their complete, authentic selves to the job. While Penguins work hard to make small commercial insurance better, we also have fun together in the process.

  • Brown & Riding

    Brown & Riding has built a culture where employees feel supported and are empowered to thrive; they are dedicated to developing their people. One of their truly unique characteristics is independent ownership with over 40 shareholders, a model they’ve found best serves both employees and clients. With a commitment to employee development, the company has a strong focus on teamwork, a multi-ethnic workforce, and offers equal, merit-based opportunities for advancement, including ownership opportunity. The company’s mission: “To achieve the best results for our clients by setting the standard of excellence for the wholesale insurance brokerage industry, and build a great firm that attracts, develops, inspires, and retains outstanding people.”

  • Burnham Benefits Insurance Services LLC

    Burnham Benefits is honored and humbled by its tenth consecutive year at the top of Business Insurance magazine’s “Best Places to Work” national list. At Burnham we’re proactive partners who take great care in providing innovative benefits strategies and holistic risk and wealth management solutions. Clients trust Burnham for our consulting services backed by in-house industry experts who live and breathe the nuances of the industry. It’s these industry experts we recognize as the cornerstone of our business offerings, cultivating an environment where every team member is respected for their values, differences, and contributions to our team. As we like to say, we take great care of our people because they take great care of our clients.

  • C3 Risk & Insurance Services

    C3 is shaking up the insurance industry by redefining the privately held insurance brokerage firm. Founded in 2017, C3 is locally owned and headquartered in San Diego. While young at heart, the breadth of experience spans decades. C3 inherently takes a different approach to managing the risk of companies from startups through multinational firms. The difference is in discovery. C3 proactively creates sophisticated and innovative strategies for preventing unexpected loss for its clients and conversely provides swift resolution for difficult claims. Its unique business model and dedication to employees and clients has been a catalyst to C3 becoming one of the fastest growing insurance firms in the country.

  • Cadence Insurance, formerly BXS Insurance

    In addition to being a “Best Place to Work,” BXS Insurance should be on a “Best Place to Be” list. Like many other wonderful insurance brokers, they provide their employees great resources to do their jobs, provide clear paths for teammates to improve and become better client partners, and do so in welcoming environments. From the moment an employee is recruited until well beyond their retirement, they are made part of a community where people take care of each other while partnering with organizations of all sizes and individuals to provide the best insurance solutions possible. BXS Insurance is an industry leader that endeavors to improve the public’s understanding of insurance and the opportunities that working in insurance offers.

  • Captive Resources

    Captive Resources (CRI) is a wonderful place to work, with outstanding benefits, fun perks and ongoing colleague support that starts on day one. The warm, friendly, casual environment is a cornerstone of the company’s culture. Creativity, innovation and collaboration are part of everyday work life here. New ideas are welcomed, and everyone’s contributions are valued. Colleagues enjoy the work and the people they work with. There are plenty of opportunities to get training, gain experience and advance in their careers. Quarterly company outings allow team members to connect and have fun. There’s a sense of community and belonging that makes everyone look forward to Monday mornings.

  • Carisk Partners Inc.

    Carisk Partners is proud to be named one of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work.  We are equally proud of our employees and the culture that they helped to create and promulgate. 

    As an organization, we constantly strive to “do well by doing good.” This is most evident in our Mission, Vision and Values.  Our Vision statement indicates that, “our employees are proud of their role in the successful outcomes of our patients and their families.”  Our values include, “…our employees are our greatest asset, and we will earn their trust by treating them with the same value that we show our patients and their families.” 

  • CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services, Inc.

    CBIZ helps our clients focus on what matters…their employees, customers and the ultimate success and growth of their business. We are uniquely positioned to help our clients maximize the return on their investment by enabling them to minimize risk, attract and retain the best talent, and to promote employee satisfaction. CBIZ partners with clients to develop a customized solution to address specific challenges and goals. Instead of fragmented service providers and multiple relationships competing for their time and energy, we offer clients a wide range of services to assist with everything from benefits packages and property & casualty insurance to recruiting and payroll, all while maintaining a close one-on-one relationship.

  • Christensen Group

    For several decades we’ve referenced and prioritized our “The 3 Cs”: clients, carriers and coworkers. While this may sound like marketing speak, it’s something we discuss often and take to heart. This past year we codified another aspect that plays a significant role in our success as a company: Community. Being good stewards of the relationships with our clients, carriers, coworkers and community has created a company culture we are proud to call our own. From the top down, our people are committed to creating a workplace that offers a healthy, challenging and rewarding environment — while also offering flexibility to care for everything that matters to our “4 Cs”.

  • Coastal Wealth

    We believe Coastal Wealth is a best place to work because of our commitment and passion in what we do. We believe in the individual employee and all of his or her potential. We have leaders who train and share their knowledge in all areas of our business including estate planning, insurance, employee benefits, annuities, retirement planning and investment strategies. We promote work and family balance and encourage families to participate in all of our events. We believe in celebrating all things that are important to our people including birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, recognition in the community, etc. We strive to have the closest thing possible to a work life balance so that people can enjoy where they work and what they do .

  • Company Nurse LLC

    Virtual events, flexible hours, work-from-home options, 100{1b90e59fe8a6c14b55fbbae1d9373c165823754d058ebf80beecafc6dee5063a} employer-paid employee benefits, and a casual dress code make Company Nurse feel like home. Treating its employees like family, the company offers employees opportunities to serve the community and further their education. They show their employees love with quarterly recognition programs, LinkedIn recommendations, and the annual Kauffroath Award Program for Outstanding Service and Compassion. These internal recognition programs allow the Leadership Team to praise employees for their work and for exemplifying the Company Nurse Core Values. Team members get a chance to applaud each other on our online culture board.

  • Connor & Gallagher OneSource (CGO)

    Connor & Gallagher OneSource (CGO) provides a work environment that is conducive for employees to thrive. Every detail of our office was meant to augment the culture. Our glass offices and open layout facilitates communication and a team working environment, common space provide a place for employees to collaborate and be creative, and our cafe style lounge provides a space for employees to relax and build camaraderie. But it’s our people that make this such a special place to work. We’re a close knit group that has fun and works hard. You’ll regularly find employees going out of their way to help a co-worker. The CGO culture has played a direct role in our growth and is a big reason why we have one of the lowest turnover rates in our space

  • Continental Western Group

    A vibrant culture is key to team building which doesn’t happen overnight; nor does being a best place to work. — it takes time, patience, and dedication. Fostering the growth of a sustainable workplace culture requires an immense amount of commitment to studying and understanding team dynamics, teamwork and creating an innovative fun environment that people want to do their best and grow their career. A thriving culture provides a foundation for skill development and work/life experience. It is our CWG culture that enables us to build top performing teams delivering sustainable success. Simply put, our people enjoy what they do and desire to do their best every day because of our culture.

  • Coterie Insurance

    Coterie Insurance is not only transforming the small business insurance space, but how insurance companies are managed and led. Through core values and an emphasis on ownership, Coterie has established a unique culture that makes it a great place to work.

  • CR Solutions

    We are honored to be one of the Best Places to Work of 2022. As CR Solutions celebrates 20 years of Wrap-Up Administration, we look back on a literal paper trail of fax machine requests, snail-mail certificates of insurance, and ink pads with stamps to match. Thanks to a determined, visionary team, CR Solutions continues to be the world leader in innovating the wrap-up administration industry powered by a one-of-a-kind proprietary software system. We proudly employ the best and brightest the industry has to offer. Because of the environment that has been created at CRS, people come here to grow into themselves as leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, and visionaries. Here’s to another 20 years of CR Solutions and a team that makes it “The Best”!

  • Delta Dental of Kansas

    Delta Dental of Kansas and our subsidiary Surency offer a suite of health products and insurance services in the more than 30 states. Our mission is to improve healthcare through affordable and quality care, reduced healthcare costs and exceptional service. The foundation of our success is our incredible employees who work hard every day to provide exceptional service to our stakeholders. The reality is that a sound strategic plan and outstanding results are great but are of little use without a great culture. We strive to provide a positive company culture through employee empowerment, transparent communication, encouraged collaboration, a focus on overall wellbeing, and connection opportunities.

  • DSP Insurance Services

    Our team is a family. We support each other’s work. We show up. we dig in and get things done right.  And we treat clients the same way, because protecting your business means more than getting the best insurance plan out there. Everyone is willing to jump in and that is what makes us such a great team.

  • ECBM Insurance Brokers & Consultants

    ECBM is a family-owned, independently operated brokerage that’s been in business for over 50 years. We are honored to be recognized as a “Best in” workplace and are excited to be recognized for our hardwork to improve employee culture, morale, and professional satisfaction.

  • Employee Benefit Services of Maryland

    Employee Benefit Services of Maryland, Inc. (EBS) has been named one Business Insurance’s Best Places to Work for 2022! This award is the result of employee-based surveys and a comprehensive measurement of companies who have created exceptional workplaces through vibrant cultures, employee engagement, and awesome benefits!  EBS has proven to be an innovative company that has raised the bar in hiring and retaining the best talent. After all, it’s more than good pay and good perks – it’s also about having a clear purpose, a sense of humor and leadership that makes them all work together. EBS was founded and established in 2012 by Leo Gallagher and Ryan Sullivan, Managing Partners and is located in downtown Baltimore.

  • Falvey Insurance Group

    When you apply for a role at Falvey Insurance Group, you are becoming part of an extended family. Our employees genuinely care for one another, and believe in each other. The best part? They will tell you themselves. Not only has Falvey been ranked a Best Place to Work in the past, but has also been “Great Place to Work-Certified” which is also based on employee feedback. Some of the things are employees love are our teambuilding activities, hybrid work model, and our volunteer opportunities. Falvey is one of the best places to work in insurance, and beyond.

  • Fee Insurance Group

    We believe we are nothing without our team.  It takes us all working together to keep our company running smoothly.  Fee Insurance Group’s employees are the core of our organization.  Our values are integrity, leadership, excellence and relationships.  These values are how we serve our clients and just as important, how we work and feel about our staff and team members.  We work diligently in creating an atmosphere and environment where all four of our values are demonstrated.  They are what we expect to deliver every day to our team. We have the best employees and it is our passion to be the best place to work, because that is what they all deserve!

  • G&G Independent Insurance

    G&G is filled with people who are growth-minded, energetic, and motivated to support our clients and each other! From the leadership team to the front-line employees, everyone is incredibly supportive of each other in work and in life in general. This is the core of what makes G&G the best place to work. We continuously focus on creating the work environment that our employees want to experience and in turn they are able to produce exceptional experiences for our clients with every interaction. As we continue to grow, our leaders are committed to break through ceilings by optimizing processes, listening to employees, and challenging the way things are done today.

  • GIA Insurance

    GIA Insurance voted Best Places to Work 2022 by it’s fantastic employees!

  • Higginbotham

    Employee owned and customer inspired, Higginbotham is an insurance, financial and HR services firm that’s family to our employees, accountable to our clients, teammates to our carriers and generous to our communities. With the freedom to do what’s right, right now, the Higginbotham approach to finding solutions is more individual and less institutional. By understanding customer priorities, eliminating inefficiencies and committing to transparency while demonstrating authenticity, Higginbotham is a place that leads with values so value leads.

  • Hoffman Brown Co.

    The Hoffman Brown Team is humbled to receive this extraordinary recognition. To be considered exceptional in any field is both a privilege and honor. Our history of success is founded on the simple principle of “Doing the right thing, every day”. We consider this our responsibility and our commitment to those that put their trust in us. Each member of the HBC Team contributes to our success, and it is this sense of unity and teamwork that drives us forward. We share this award with those members of our family who have come before us and built the foundation for us to build upon. Thank you.

  • Holmes Murphy

    Holmes Murphy is the ONE. ONE of the remaining brokers of its size that remains privately held and is the perfect size – small enough to listen, but big enough to be heard. The ONE place where we try to make insurance cool, and show people how working in this industry can really make a difference. We believe we have some of the best, brightest, and most unique talent in the industry, and our employees say their top reason for wanting to stay here is the people. We believe that’s because we empower people to create their own career path, bring to the table their unique potential, do whatever is best for our clients, live out who we are through our care code, and we genuinely enjoy working alongside our team members.

  • Horton Group

    The Horton Group is an insurance, employee benefits, and risk advisory firm. They’re a values-driven organization, focused on together?ness, excellence and drive. They strive to be good for their employees, clients, communities, and  shareholders. 

    Horton takes a deep dive view of the business by having a balanced approach to growth and profitability. This is especially important for their employees – staying independent is at the heart of every business decision. Their goal is  to make this company a place where new hires wish to stay for a long time. In fact, 43 percent of employees have been with them for over five years, and 57.5 percent have been promoted over the past five years.

  • Houchens Insurance Group

    Houchens Insurance Group is proud to be a part of the largest 100{1b90e59fe8a6c14b55fbbae1d9373c165823754d058ebf80beecafc6dee5063a} employee-owned ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) in the country. In October 2021, our legacy agencies merged under one collective brand, Houchens Insurance Group, to bring together a combined 200+ years of experience in the insurance industry. HIG works each day to live out our Nobody Works Harder tagline in order to best support our clients, but also our fellow-employee owners. We work to provide our teams with unmatched, in-house, educational opportunities that contribute to the success of our clients while simultaneously providing benefit programs that are leading the industry in creative solutions to best support our employee-owners with a quality work-life balance.

  • Hylant

    Hylant is proud to be recognized among the Best Places to Work for the 14th consecutive year. We are committed to living our core values of family, hard work, honesty, empathy, and respect every day. We do this by creating a workplace that is welcoming, supportive, engaging and inclusive. As a result, we are now one of the largest privately-owned brokerages in the U.S. As Hylant enters its 87th year, we continue to seek caring people to join our family and help us make the world a better place for the clients and communities we serve.

  • IMA Financial Group, Inc.

    Based in North America, IMA Financial Group Inc. is an integrated financial services company focused on protecting the assets of its widely varied client base through insurance and wealth management solutions. Because IMA is employee-owned, its 1,700-plus associates are empowered to provide customized solutions for their client’s unique needs.

  • INSURICA – Florida

    INSURICA represents the best of both worlds in today’s work environment; a strong and thriving

    business model, coupled with a dedicated group of colleagues that are committed to its success.

    INSURICA recognizes that to remain relevant and successful in the insurance brokerage market, it

    must continue to develop and invest in its most valuable asset…its colleagues. By providing an

    excellent, comprehensive benefits package, generous paid time off, paid maternity/paternity leave,

    recognition of achievements, ongoing training and education and inspiring a dedication to community,

    both internal and external, INSURICA can attract and retain the best colleagues, ensuring its success

    for many years to come.

  • IPMG

    IPMG was founded in 1997 by president and CEO Gregg Peterson with the mission to provide the best service possible to its clients, and it remains focused on that mission to this day. Its insurance services have expanded to include wholesale brokerage, group health benefit administration, claims management, risk management, and more. IPMG’s commitment to clients is complete, as is its commitment to employees. As an employee-owned organization, IPMG strives to empower its employee owners, promote ideal work-life balance, provide a fun and engaging atmosphere, and instill a sense of pride in the organization that directly translates to providing its industry-leading service to clients. IPMG has been named a Best Place in Insurance since 2011.

  • Liberty Insurance Associates, Inc.

    Liberty Insurance Associates is very grateful for the opportunity to be part of this event and we know that we would not be here if it was not for our dedicated and professional leadership and staff who work hard to make Liberty a best place to work.  As a corporation, we are constantly looking for innovative and creative ways to service our customers and we are working alongside our staff to come up with better ways to do just that. By opening up several committees to all to join so they can get more involved in the day to day decision making process, we hope to utilize their knowledge to ensure our customers get the best possible treatment. We will continue to strive to be a best place to work.

  • LineSlip Solutions, Inc.

    A scrappy, disruptive, fast-paced tech startup might not seem like the most comfortable place to work for many in the risk and insurance industry, but for people brave enough to think outside the box, it’s an exceptional place to work. LineSlip is fully remote in a world of in-person offices; offers unlimited PTO in an industry known for long hours; and is driving the digital revolution in a space that is notoriously old-school. When people have modern tools, they are more equipped to solve modern problems. Embodying that belief makes LineSlip a uniquely great place to work.

  • Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance, a Higginbotham Partner

    Lipscomb & Pitts is an independent insurance agency that provides business, personal and group health insurance to clients across the nation. Lipscomb & Pitts is also deeply involved in the community itself, and through it’s organization called cityCURRENT, a team of community partners underwrites the cost of giving back and supporting local non-profits through 150 free, community events every year. Lipscomb & Pitts works hard, plays hard and has the best employees in the industry!

  • Lockton Companies

    Lockton is the world’s largest privately-owned, independent insurance broker and consultant specializing in risk management, employee benefits and retirement services. 

    Lockton has built its reputation by providing great service to three key stakeholders: clients, Associates and communities. The commitment to Associates means creating an environment where they feel welcome, valued and are excited to come to work. There is an intense focus on making every aspect of the Associate lifecycle (aka LocktonLife) the best it can be. With great benefits, development opportunities, rewarding work, strong rewards and recognition, community involvement, family engagement and positive work-life fit, Lockton Associates can build their best LocktonLife

  • M3 Insurance

    How do you choose a company where you can thrive in your career? A place where you don’t have to settle for either a generous benefit package or a caring work environment? A place that will be the right fit, where you can make an impact while fostering relationships and growing personally and professionally?

    At M3 it’s all possible. We’ve developed a culture and a suite of resources that support you as a whole, dynamic individual.

  • Marsh McLennan Agency

    Life at MMA starts with recognizing and appreciating that our colleagues have lives outside of MMA. We’ve built a culture that promotes well-being through robust benefit programs and resources, encourages professional and personal development, and celebrates opportunities to pursue projects and causes that are fulfilling outside of work. Colleagues can bring their whole self to work knowing that our inclusive culture welcomes diverse backgrounds and voices. As a fast-growing company, opportunities for career growth are limitless and we provide resources to ensure you have the skills, the knowledge, and the confidence to pursue your goals. Our culture is a reflection of the more than 9,000 colleagues who make MMA an amazing place to work.

  • McConkey Insurance & Benefits

    Since 1890, McConkey has provided financial security for businesses and families throughout the world. McConkey takes pride in being one of the most respected insurance and benefits brokerage firms. In addition to their traditional insurance portfolio, McConkey specializes in alternative markets offering compliance, administration, brokerage and actuarial services to businesses, groups, and associations in the form of captive programs, consortiums, self-insurance and other unique products tailored to the risk tolerance of each client. Their exceptional service platform results in unmatched client retention and unparalleled growth, while their team-based culture drives success from within.

  • MGIS

    MGIS truly is a special place to work. Employees find themselves in an environment of warm

    and friendly professionals. They expect a lot from themselves and work hard to make the

    company successful. They love the perks they get as an MGIS employee. Candidates try for

    years to get hired by MGIS. Once they are here, they value the opportunity they’ve been given

    and appreciate everything the company does for them. There is a collective feeling of

    camaraderie and appreciation. Every company talks about work/life balance, but MGIS

    incorporates that philosophy into how we do business. When our employee’s families love us,

    our employees are that much more loyal to the company. We are an extension of their family.

  • NFP

    NFP is a leading property and casualty broker, benefits consultant, wealth manager, and retirement plan advisor that provides solutions enabling client success through the expertise of over 6,900 global employees, investments in innovative technologies, and enduring relationships with highly rated insurers, vendors, and financial institutions. NFP is the 9th best place to work for large employers in insurance, 7th largest privately-owned broker, 5th largest benefits broker by global revenue and 13th largest broker of US business (all rankings according to Business Insurance).

  • Nottingham Insurance

    Being recognized as a “best place to work” would be the culmination of an evolution of our agency from a family business that has transcended 100 years to a business that is 50 people strong. We have focused hard on self-improvement, better communication, and a stronger structure that enables our staff to receive the support they need in order to provide our clients with an exceptional customer experience. The evolution continues.

  • Obie

    Obie started with a pain point in the insurance market and has streamlined landlord insurance offering instant quotes in all 50 states, making purchasing a policy online faster than ever before. Obie gives landlords a place where insurance is transparent, and our co-founders Aaron Letzeiser and Ryan Letzeiser bring this mindset internally. From our monthly All Hands meeting touching on what is happening internally, to our Ask Me Anything meetings where employees burning questions are answered, Obie holds transparency throughout. Obie continues to strive to promote a great work-life balance, grow our employee base nationwide, constantly offer new benefits and all while reinventing the landlord insurance industry.

  • Odell Studner Group

    Odell Studner Group provides specialized risk consulting and insurance brokerage services to middle-market companies and high net-worth individuals. Our practice groups comprise temporary staffing, real estate, construction, manufacturing, human services and employee benefits, with a specialized focus on captive insurance. We develop successful business relationships by partnering with forward-thinking companies who understand that reducing risk accelerates growth and increases profitability. Odell Studner has been recognized by Business Insurance as one of the Best Places to Work for ten consecutive years. Our company hires exceptional talent and believes that success starts from within and radiates to our clients and vendors.

  • OneDigital

    President & CEO:Adam Bruckman

    Atlanta, GA

    OneDigital is the nation’s leading health, retirement/wealth, and HR advisory firm focused on empowering business growth for employers of all sizes, and has consistently led as a workplace ally for over 20 years. OneDigital’s unique ability to converge health, wealth and human resources into a hub of services and business guidance has empowered companies to create workplaces that attract and retain talent while fueling innovation and company growth. As employee health care, wellness and workplace benefits continue to shift, companies of all sizes have relied on OneDigital’s exceptional advisory teams for counsel and its adjacent services, including employee benefits, holistic HR services, employee wellbeing and pharmacy consulting, as well as the retirement and wealth management services provided through OneDigital Investment Advisors. What words do our team members use to describe OneDigital? Fun. Family. Caring. Integrity. Those words embody the spirit and drive that define our company culture. Each of us is dedicated to the overall success of the company through commitment and hard work, while the company is dedicated to its employees through positive reinforcement and work/life balance. We have a simple philosophy that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of customers and the bottom line takes care of itself. Check out what we are all about; we let our actions speak as loudly as our words.

  • Origami Risk

    Origami Risk, the preeminent risk and insurance technology platform serving all members of the risk management community has been named the “Best Place to Work”. This recognition builds on similar honors Origami Risk has achieved in the past, including a total of more than 25awards in the past decade for service excellence, innovation, workplace, and technology. This does not come as a surprise, however, as our CEO Bob Petrie says, “Origami is not only a software company, but also a talented organization that depends on the skills, enthusiasm, and creativity of the people who work here. We place a priority on finding people who can best serve customers and providing them with the culture, tools, and support they need to be successful.”

  • Philadelphia Insurance Companies

    For over 60 years, Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY) has designed, marketed, and underwrote commercial Property/Casualty and Professional Liability insurance products. PHLY’s greatest assets are its’ people and believes in continued employee-investment. PHLY believes in employee development and provides a number of internal/external programs to help employees reach their fullest potential. PHLY also believes in the importance of the employee voice in shaping and improving workplace culture, through open-door policy and employee survey opportunities. PHLY’s core values stress the importance of work/life balance and to this end, PHLY provides a variety of resources to promote wellness, both in and outside the office.

  • Plastridge Insurance

    We are extremely conscious of our team’s need for work/life balance, quality benefits, need for career advancement and the importance of employee recognition.  In addition, Plastridge strives to have an environment of diversity, equity and inclusion where employees feel valued, heard and appreciated

  • Preferred Employers Insurance

    Preferred Employers Insurance has built a customer-focused enterprise by attracting the best talent to join their mission of serving California’s business owners with high-quality workers’ compensation insurance that gets injured workers back to work and back to life. Team members enjoy a work environment supported by leaders who have made it a priority to provide a psychologically safe workplace where creative ideas and rapid experiments are encouraged. The company’s culture of flexibility and work-life balance is welcoming to all. Employee development is a top priority. Managers make sure team members feel like they belong and work in an inclusive environment. The company’s success is shared through an annual profit-sharing program.

  • Prime Insurance Company

    Prime is happy to receive the “best” award and really worked to maintain the “best” in practice year over year. We do this no other way than having hard working employees that make the day to day not only successful but possible. We continue to be successful financially but also by building relationships amongst employees. We look forward to continuing this going forward.

  • Public Entity Partners

    The foundation to our products and services provided is the staff that serve our members. PE Partners has an internal motto of “members first, staff always”. The leadership team fosters a culture that focuses on staff development. Michael Fann shared, “When you take care of your people, they are better able to serve our members. Our vision is to make a difference in the lives of Tennessee public entity employees and the citizens they serve – in order to do that our staff has to be prepared, engaged, and passionate about the work we do. Over the last two years we have embarked on a strategic planning initiative, and it is not a surprise that we identified Organizational Culture as a key priority over the next two to three years.”

  • QEO Insurance Group

    QEO is dedicated to creating a positive and opportunistic environment for its employees. From the moment that an individual is approached for an interview, through the process of training, and even after being set up and established as a full time employee – that person is made to feel valuable and irreplaceable. Managers often hold group meetings to make sure that everyone in moving toward the same goals. Encouraging open communication lines and providing positive feedback and recognition create an environment that is engaging and beneficial for the employee.

  • Questpro

    Questpro is that place people talk about. We are good at finding our clients the best talent the insurance industry offers, we are trusted partner but beyond that Questpro is home as our team is our family. We respect and love each other and that shows in our work product and that this group of people truly care about each other, having that allows us to work closely with each other to make sure our clients get what they need and want!

  • Rathbone Group, LLC

    Rathbone Group is a law firm of more than 80 employees covering the US and Canada who are dedicated to subrogation. We operate largely within the framework of clear communication and expectations, teamwork and fun! This starts with our cross-functional leadership team, who meets weekly to review the events of the previous week and discuss the goals for the coming week. We use this time together to celebrate our successes, collaborate on our challenges and clarify the expectations and priorities for the week. RG employees are the true lifeblood of our organization. We appreciate their unfettered focus on the large volume of work that needs to be accomplished for our clients, and their leadership team does all they can to ensure they have the tools and support needed to succeed. Throughout the year, RG offers trainings, lunchtime learnings, education on wellness initiatives, benefits information and other employee gatherings, all of which foster an open environment where employees can learn and thrive in their roles. RG recognizes how hard everyone works for our clients and shares the belief that a workplace rooted in fun and wellness makes for a more enjoyable and well-rounded employment experience. Every Friday at RG is a “Fun-Friday” for our employees! It is a day where something extra is planned to encourage employees to relax, mingle and laugh. Enjoying these events is the common thread throughout the office, no matter the background of the employee or the stresses we encounter throughout the week. Outside of the office, employees can participate in philanthropic opportunities for Tools for Schools and fun team events like Cleveland Corporate Challenge. All of these things deepen connections and foster a true sense of teamwork amongst the RG family!

  • RBN Insurance Services

    Based in Chicago, IL, and serving clients across the United States, RBN Insurance Services is a boutique family-run brokerage that prides itself on a culture where team members are valued, respected, and given the room to do great work. Led by co-founder Bruce Scodro and his sons, Nick and Max, RBN takes its work seriously but offers a work environment where people can enjoy each other’s company, have fun, and feel a strong sense of connection.

  • Reliance Partners

    Reliance Partners is one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in the United States and a privately held top-10 provider of a wide range of insurance products and risk management services for the transportation and logistics industry. For more than 13 years, our team has driven success through collaboration. We earn our customer’s loyalty by serving as their trusted advisor, creating value year after year as an extension of their team. Our organic growth is a testament to our never-ending investment in our people and to a culture that fosters long-lasting relationships with our customers and our team. It’s the foundation of who we are.

  • Rich & Cartmill Inc.

  • Risk Strategies

    Risk Strategies is a specialty national insurance brokerage and risk management firm offering comprehensive risk management advice and insurance and reinsurance placement for property & casualty, employee benefits, and private client services risks. With over 30 specialty practices, Risk Strategies serves commercial companies, nonprofits, public entities and individuals, and has access to all major insurance markets. Ranked among the top brokers in the country, Risk Strategies has over 100 offices across North America. Risk Strategies is honored to have been named by Business Insurance as a Best Places to Work for the past four years (2018-2021).

  • Riskonnect, Inc.

    At Riskonnect, our values Pioneer, Spark, Focus, and Community guide us every day. These values unite us and bring meaning and purpose to all that we do. What differentiates Riskonnect the most is our culture of openness, honesty and mutual respect for ALL and our CEO is instrumental in setting that tone. He doesn’t shy away from difficult issues but embraces them as an opportunity to learn, grow, and inspires us to do the same. Everyone knows the state of the company and trusts our leaders to be honest and forthcoming in their communication. Weaving that integrity into the fabric of Riskonnect has been purposeful and deliberate. When colleagues genuinely like and trust each other, there is no limit on what can be accomplished.

  • Rockford Mutual Insurance Company

    Rockford Mutual Insurance Company is proud to be selected as a Best Place to Work in the Insurance Industry!  For over 126 years, RMIC has been committed to our policyholders, agents and associates.  Our growth and success has been heavily dependent on our talented associates.  We believe that providing a flexible, respectful, professional culture with a full benefit package is key to keeping our associates happy, healthy and productive.  With a diverse workforce comes the creativity to produce solutions for any issues that arise.  RMIC is committed to continuously evaluating and improving the work environment to remain an employer of choice!

  • Rockingham Insurance Company

    What makes Rockingham Insurance great? People!  

    From the bottom up and the top down…everyone matters. We belong to a unique family that cares about each other and the individuals that we serve. Through caring for others, embracing change, owning our actions, crying & laughing together, and so much more, Rockingham creates a special environment in which to work.

    Rockingham Insurance Company is a best place to work!

  • SageSure Insurance Managers

    At SageSure, we’re pioneers who deliver innovative insurance products and technology solutions in places others won’t, daring to solve the challenges underserved markets face. The reward? Endless opportunities to learn and grow—all while sharing in the financial success of our organization. But that’s not all. The best part is that we get to do it among friends. Our team is more than a group of risk-takers, fast learners, and experts; we’re also supportive, collaborative, and determined. It’s not just our culture; it’s in our DNA … it’s who we are and who we’ve always been. We are thrilled that the rest of the industry now knows what our 469 employees know.  SageSure is a Best Place to Work.

  • Sahouri Insurance Agency & Financial Services, Inc.


    SET SEG puts schools first, operates as a team, and delivers exceptional risk management solutions by simplifying the complex. Our employees are driven by these core values and the collective mission of the organization to deliver peace of mind to Michigan public schools. The company’s exclusive products and services, astute receptivity to change, insatiable appetite for improvement and growth, and dedication to solving problems makes for an atypical insurance workplace experience. The culture at SET SEG values and rewards collaboration, ingenuity, and curiosity. The company recognizes employees as whole individuals and demonstrates empathy and understanding through generous policies that offer ample flexibility, autonomy, and support.

  • Simply Business

    Simply Business is more than our name. It’s how we approach small business insurance: Make it clear. Make it simple. Make it affordable. Founded in Boston in 2017, Simply Business is a digital insurance agency offering small business insurance policies on behalf of a panel of carriers. We believe that people work more productively and imaginatively when they are free from rigid hierarchy and structures. That’s why we’re creating a meaningful and collaborative culture to help support all employees in meeting their ambitions

  • Society Insurance, a mutual company

    Serving our industry for over 105 years, Society Insurance offers top-notch insurance products & services to select businesses. 330 (and growing) employees serving nine different states call this Wisconsin-based company home. Their people, through their attention to small details, truly make a big difference and are treated as such. They are given a real opportunity to grow, succeed, and have fun while at work. Society CEO Rick Parks says, “our mission begins with the phrase, ‘We operate and exist for the benefit of our policyholders.’ Caring [for policyholders] is an attribute that only people can deliver. Surrounding ourselves with employees who have that ability to truly care for others makes for a unique and very satisfying workplace.”

  • Socius Insurance

    At Socius Insurance Services, Inc., we pride ourselves on a highly collaborative culture dedicated to providing the best coverage and service to current and prospective clients. Our 25-year history has demonstrated that this approach enables our brokers to deliver out-sized organic growth benefitting Socius as well as the broker!

  • Starke Agency

    Starke Agency has been a family-owned and operated business in Montgomery since its inception in 1929. We are committed to remaining independently owned. We consistently strive to build up and facilitate the professional growth of each team member. We do this by encouraging our open-door policy and constant communication and feedback between employees and management.

  • Starkweather & Shepley

    For 2022, our call to action is Structure for Success. We are working hard to codify Operations to ensure we are Best in Class. No stone is going unturned – we are in a ongoing phase of process improvement. We built several Executive Committees with BOD representation to analyze and enhance different aspects of our business. This forward thinking goal to improve is what we are all about. Out focus on the client experience, whether internal or external, pushes us to be better. Our staff’s role as trusted advisors ensures our ongoing impact on our clients and community. Our new DEI initiative is exciting and we are committed to growing diversity within our organization and in turn support the community goals of a more inclusive world.

  • Sterling Seacrest Pritchard

    We want to continue to live out our mission statement, To Serve people well in all that we do.

  • SullivanCurtisMonroe Insurance Services, LLC

    At SCM we work with team members to ensure they achieve their professional and personal goals through a hybrid work environment, flexible work schedules, a comprehensive benefits package, company outings, team activities and more. We have a family-oriented culture that supports our teams and celebrates our collective successes together. We have high caliber, passionate team members. We look for partners who are client-focused, solutions-oriented and drive results. The entire SCM Team embodies an outstanding work ethic, impeccable character and strong interpersonal skills. Our experienced leadership team is focused on our customers and prepared for the future. Our team members have the authority to quickly solve problems and make decisions without all the red tape and layers of management found in many consolidated national firms.

  • The Jacobson Group

    The Jacobson Group is the leading provider of talent to the insurance industry. For 50 years, Jacobson has been connecting organizations with insurance professionals at all levels across all industry verticals. We provide an array of services including executive search, professional recruiting, temporary staffing and subject matter experts. 

    Our employees are at the heart of our success. We continually seek feedback and evolve our programs and approach to best meet and support individuals’ needs. Our corporate values of integrity, commitment, teamwork, respect, professionalism, initiative and courage guide us in all we do, whether it’s providing the best talent solutions to our clients or engaging and developing our internal workforce.

  • The Partners Group

    Founded over 40 years ago, The Partners Group began as an organization committed to its employees, its mission, and its community. Today, we continue to push those metrics as a place where people want to work, as an employer of choice. We abide by our carefully distilled core values: 

    Play well with others.

    Be curious. 

    Be a champion.

    Own it. 

    Have fun and live well. 

    These points factor into decisions big and small at TPG, from new-hire interviews to mergers and acquisitions to taking an afternoon off to coach your child’s team. We are an organization that believes in our people, in our work, and in our values.

  • The Plexus Groupe

    The Plexus Groupe recognizes that the foundation of its success is through its associates. As such, a work culture has been created that is second to none. Through professional development opportunities, training, social, philanthropic and wellness initiatives led by our Culture Club, this is the beginning of the foundation that allows for the great work/life balance at Plexus. Fostering a collaborative, team-based approach, associates are supported by all levels within the company and are led by a Leadership Team that is intensely focused on providing a positive and progressive employment experience that is truly unique.

  • The Word & Brown Family of Companies

    We at The Word & Brown Family of Companies have spent more than 30 years connecting individuals, families, and businesses to industry-leading solutions in every area of health insurance and employee benefits.     Through down-to-earth, personalized service, we’ve built a reputation for providing brokers, businesses, employees, and their families with access to the people and technology to help them succeed. We call it providing Service of Unequalled Excellence –our customers call it living up to their expectations.  This level of service is only possible because of our employees. Our employees are the backbone of our organization and allow us to thrive.

  • TMNA Services LLC

    TMNA Services (TMNAS) is a shared services company delivering efficiencies and cost savings by creating innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs. We are proud to work with some of the most prestigious insurance companies in the U.S. as a member of the Tokio Marine Group. We are headquartered outside of Philadelphia, PA with an additional 8 offices across the country. Our talented team provides actuarial, finance and accounting, information technology, internal audit, human resource, legal, and communications services.

    Customer service is our focus and teamwork is our strategy. Every day brings a new challenge, and we believe challenges are fun. We have a positive and proactive approach, and are committed to enjoying what we do.

  • Tokio Marine Highland

    Tokio Marine Highland is proud to be named one of Business Insurance’s Best Places to Work. As a leading property and casualty underwriting agency, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with our distinct specialty risk management solutions, including private flood, fine art, specialty property, real estate investment and lender-placed insurance. Since our founding in 1962, we have built a rich and inclusive culture where employees are valued, empowered, and provided with the opportunities to build rewarding careers. Most importantly, we remain driven by Tokio Marine’s “To Be a Good Company” philosophy – a common mission to always do right by our customers, communities, and each other.

  • Transtar Insurance Brokers, Inc.

    Transtar Insurance Brokers, Inc. handles all your transportation insurance and risk management needs with employees located across the United States. Our employees being a top priority, reflects in their service to you!. Transtar allows you to feel comfortable and secure while fueling the fire inside to accomplish more than you thought you could. This is largely due to the relationships built within the company in and out of the office. It’s a place where ego and self-interests are set aside to help the team and focus more on relationships with the clients than focusing on the numbers. By consistently crafting a formula for a successful organization, we will always alter the recipe based on the needs of our employees and consumers.

  • USG Insurance Services, Inc.

    USG is a national wholesale/broker firm leading the industry with an entrepreneurial culture with state-of-the-art systems and technology that allow team members to excel in their careers. We recognize the need for flexibility, work/life balance, collaboration, and open communication to foster an environment that allows team members to step in to their full potential. We care about our team members beyond the four walls of our business, including investing in their mental, emotional, and physical well-being through company sponsored programs.

  • USI Insurance Services

    Founded in 1994, USI has grown to become one of the world’s largest insurance brokerage and consulting firms. With more than 8,000 industry-leading professionals located across approximately 200 offices in the U.S. and internationally, USI has a passion for being different and better for its clients, communities, and associates. Boasting one of the most dynamic personal and professional development cultures in the industry, the company invests heavily in the success and satisfaction of its associates through a unique professional development platform–USI ONE®, unparalleled reward and recognition programs, and a shared commitment to diversity and inclusion, corporate sustainability and giving back to the local communities they serve.

  • VAST

    We are honored to make the Best Places to Work In Insurance list again for the second year in a row. Our employees rate us and that truly means a lot to us as our VAST blue culture is a key part of why we are successful. A recognition like this allows others to learn more about our great team.

  • Velocity Risk

    Velocity Risk is a fast-growing MGA with lofty goals. They opened their first office in 2015 and wrote their first insurance policy a few months later. Today, they employee 165 employees in three offices with additional cities represented due to remote flexibility. The one word you hear most often about why Velocity Risk is a great employer is culture. Employees join due to amazing people and great culture and stay for the same reason. The innovative, entrepreneurial spirit is also a key factor in the company’s success. Employees are encouraged to be curious and take calculated risks; find creative solutions to both old and new problems; and foster an environment of trust, innovation, and collaboration.

  • Verus Specialty Insurance

    Berkley Mid Atlantic Group offers an innovative and collaborative culture in which employees at all levels are encouraged to challenge the status quo in every aspect of their role, asking questions and initiating experiments in an effort to discover new and more efficient ways of working. The company firmly believes in employee development, and provides team members with wide range of both technical and competency-based training, preparation time and reimbursement for certifications, as well as mentoring and job-shadowing opportunities for those wishing to advance within their current job family, or gain exposure to a different area of the organization. The company culture is open, inclusive and engaging.

  • VGM Insurance Services

    VGM Insurance is an organization in the heart of the heartland. Abundant with intelligent, kind and dedicated people, we pride ourselves on finding the fun in our day, cheering each other on, and creating meaningful, memorable experiences for our customers and our employees. VGM Insurance is 100{1b90e59fe8a6c14b55fbbae1d9373c165823754d058ebf80beecafc6dee5063a} employee-owned which amplifies our family-like atmosphere and the desire to serve our clients, and each other, to the best of our ability, with the long-term in mind. We know that success starts with us, and we have the ability to create our futures here. The value that each employee receives and contributes every day is what makes VGM Insurance the absolute Best Place to work.

  • Virtus LLC

    Throughout the last year, Virtus continues to build a growing, dynamic, and specialized team focused on creating lasting positive impact for individuals and businesses across the nation. That growth has been supported by intentionally building a modern environment of flexibility, empathy and personal and professional growth while challenging the workplace status quo of an established industry.

  • West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

    It shouldn’t take a storm of biblical proportions to determine who to count on. However, one did prove that West Bend’s Silver Lining is a beacon. When a derecho hit the Midwest in 2020, we proved that “The Worst Brings Out Our Best”. We exist to provide peace of mind to our customers through sound insurance and superior service. Whether a derecho, car accident, work-related injury, house fire, or lost wedding ring, we are there for you every step of the way. Our caring culture starts from within amongst our associates, and spills over into our relationships with our independent agency partners and communities. We remain committed to excellence, integrity, and responsibility to be the property & casualty insurance company of choice.

  • White & Associates Insurance

    Established in 1976, White & Associates Insurance is a locally owned and operated insurance agency with 11 locations in West Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas. White & Associates strives to provide a “doing more” approach to all aspects of operation, including enhancing employee job satisfaction, providing clients with innovative insurance packages and improving the communities in which we serve.

  • Worthy Insurance

    At Worthy Insurance, our mission is to help businesses nationwide find the right insurance to bring them lasting success. We encourage our team with both personal and professional development . Since 2005, Worthy has been building relationships with clients to educate them on exposures, to effectively build safety cultures within their organizations, and to protect them, their livelihoods, and their assets. We care about our employees and encourage a positive work/life balance with flexible work options including working from home and a 4 day workweek. We are building our organization for the future by streamlining processes and automating redundant tasks.

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