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This site at 306 Central Ave., Dunkirk, was sold over the summer for $360,000.

A city of Dunkirk building in the business district has been sold.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER have been analyzing real estate transactions in Chautauqua County and recently looked at the sales from July 1-15.

During this time period, 306 Central Ave., Dunkirk was sold to Riverwood Crossing Plaza, LLC of Sterling Heights, Michigan for $360,000. That is the location of UPMC Behavioral Health. This is one of two locations UPMC offers behavioral health services in Chautauqua County. The other location is at Jones Memorial Health Center, 51 Glasgow Avenue, Jamestown.

No announcements have been made regarding any changes for UPMC at its Dunkirk location. UPMC Behavioral Health has been at the 306 Central Ave. since 2017. Before that, it was located at 338 Central Ave.

Another business sale recorded was 19 Main St., Bemus Point for $328,500. That location was formerly Loud Performance, which today operates at 4818 Rt. 430, town of Ellery.

Of the 17 sales that were $250,000 or higher, three were in the town of Busti (one in Lakewood), two were in the town of Ellicott, two were in the town of Pomfret (one in Fredonia), two were in the town of Westfield, two were in the town of Hanover, one was in the town of Mina, one in the town of Kiantone, one in the town of Arkwright, one in the town of Chautauqua, one in the village of Bemus Point, and one was in the city of Dunkirk.

The remaining 15 sales that were $250,000 or higher were as follows:

¯ 8516 West Lake Road, Westfield, for $700,000.

¯ 30 Sunset Ave., Lakewood for $625,000.

¯ 7968 East Lake Road, Westfield for $625,000.

¯ 2531 Sunnyside Road, Mina for $585,538.

¯ 4136 Mead Road, Busti for $500,000.

¯ 5747 Magnolia Springs Road, Chautauqua for $388,000.

¯ 12783 Moran Lane, Hanover for $376,000.

¯ 200 Chautauqua St., Fredonia to Lance and Rachel Johnson for $335,000.

¯ 2109 Cedar Brook Road, Busti for $325,000.

¯ 934 Charles St., Irving for $320,000.

¯ 5301 W. Lake Road, Pomfret for $297,000.

¯ 112 Westminster Drive, Ellicott for $289,000.

¯ 8023 Rood Road, Arkwright for $269,900.

¯ 944 Kiantone Road, Kiantone for $259,900.

¯ 2180 Swanson Road, Ellicott for $250,000.

Of the 167 property transfers from July 1-15, 102 were higher than $1. The full list of those sales is as follows:


Carol Gens sold 1658 Thornton Road, Cherry Creek to David and Nancy Hall for $177,000.

William and Lori Kieklak sold 2531 Sunnyside Road, Mina to Matthew and Erin Stewart for $585,538.

Robert and Dawn Maria Betts sold 22 Pleasant St., Westfield to Kelly Caitlin for $154,000.

Own and Virginia Carr sold 3036 Mood Road, Ellicott to Thomas and Susan Broad for $175,000.

Scott Kulig sold 108 Falconer St., Frewsburg to Richard and Michaela Eklund for $115,000.

Prudencio Ortiz and Ortiz Properties, LLC sold 3793 Franklin Ave., Dunkirk to Dustin Scott for $25,000.

John A. Dietrick III sold 114 William St., 22 Perishing Ave. and 48 Chapman St., all of Jamestown, to New Leaf Management, LLC of Lakewood for $240,000.

Tyler Plevel sold 24 Osborne St., Jamestown to Roger and Jessica McCleary for $154,000.

Kenneth and Gayle Vossler sold 2180 Swanson Road, Ellicott to Alexander Jester for $250,000.

PMJ Enterprises LLC of Bemus Point sold 19 Main St., Bemus Point to Claire Sleggs for $328,500.

Salam Development Corporation of Pittsburgh, Pa. sold Lot 26 Sunrise Cove, North Harmony to Peter Lake and Robert Ulmer for $59,900.

JULY 5-8

Leah Langebartel sold 22 Bowen St. + lot to Leo Orloski Jr. for $120,000.

Joseph Brecker sold 437 East Spears Road, Hanover to Bobby Kindred for $30,000.

John Brown sold 630 McKinley Ave., Dunkirk to William and Dorothy Paige for $149,000.

Cindy Brown sold 5301 W. Lake Road, Pomfret to Gregory and Tabitha Forsyth for $297,000.

William and Brenda White sold V/L Weaver Road, Cherry Creek to Mackenzie Marcin for $60,000.

Frank Penkaty sold 66 Ruggles St., Dunkirk to Christopher Markiewicz and Samantha Austin for $95,000.

Michael and Tina Ruchalski sold 5747 Magnolia Springs Road, Chautauqua to William Switala for $388,000.

Brenda Hennessey sold 127 Center St., Fredonia to David and Brittany Hennessey for $220,000.

John F. Love IV sold 603 Swede Road, Harmony to Megan Bowman for $160,000.

Nancy Pawlak sold 319 Canary St., Dunkirk to Iris Rosa for $70,000.

Norman and Helen Merrill sold 2156 Swanson Road, Ellicott to Christopher and Adrianna Merchant for $220,000.

David and Marybeth Dimaio sold 1092 Ivory Road, Frewsburg to Daniel and Jessica Heitzenrater for $239,900.

Terry Lyle sold 570 Big Tree Sugar Grove Road, Busti to Robert Jr. and Michelle Walburg for $2,250.

The executor for Romaine Crawford sold 58 North Jerboa and another parcel on North Jerboa Street, Dunkirk to Matthew Hanlon for $32,500.

Mark and Kelly O’Donnell sold 2481 Lakeside Drive, Busti to Mary Jane Mulroy, Timothy Rosengarten and Celeste Lira for $168,000.

Michael Brezner sold 125 Palmer St., Jamestown to Marcus Bailey for $94,900.

Benjamin and Nicole Siracuse sold 200 Chautauqua St., Fredonia to Lance and Rachel Johnson for $335,000.

Edward and Kerry Mulkearn sold 2131 Shadyside Road, Mina to Rodney and Bonnie Jones for $210,000.

Samuiel Gullotti, Alfred Gullotti, Susan Bishop and Sharon Teft sold 1109 Prendergast Ave., Jamestown to Gavin Paterniti for $102,500.

Marvin Byler sold 8610 Alder Bottom Road, Sherman to Daniel and Rebecca Byler for $88,000.

Warren Beyer sold 4994 West Lake Road, Chautauqua, to Timothy and Jennifer Stitely for $400,000.

Mariana Binkiwitz sold 20 Washington Ave., Fredonia to Becc Property Management, LLC of Fredonia for $15,000.

Susan Seastedt sold 612 Winsor St., Jamestown to Richard and Ashley Zortman for $100,000.

Katherine Gonzalez sold 106 Weeks St., Jamestown to MRR Property Solutions, LLC of West Seneca for $15,000.

Ruben and Katherine Miller sold 2127 Panama-Stedman Road and parcels on Warner Road to Jonathan and Susie Bricker for $150,000.

Kevin Gismore sold 19 Colburn St., Westfield to jack and Raisa Thayer for $130,000.

David Hawkes and Marcia Found sold 64 Oneida Drive, Chautauqua to Matthew Cavagnaro for $235,000.

Thomas and Mary Siracuse, and Dr. David Siracuse sold 4 George’s Place, Fredonia, to Benjamin Siracuse for $180,000.

Karey M. Carnahan-Loomis sold 30 Sunset Ave., Lakewood to Ray and Julie Norton for $625,000.

Donald and Keisha Bowden sold 277 Lincoln Ave., Dunkirk to Peter Niemi for $29,000.

Stewart McIlvena sold 27 Lakewood Ave., Jamestown to Jeffrey Siebert for $230,000.

Jill Johnston sold 40 Newton St., Fredonia to Anthony Montoro for $175,000.

Kristopher Jacobson sold 550 Eccles Road, Poland to Thomas Truax for $171,000.

Valone Real Estate, LLC of Jamestown sold 944 Kiantone Road, Kiantone to Roger Jr. and Gloria Smith for $259,900.

David and Erin Coulter sold 13 Weeks St., Jamestown to Robert Russo for $36,500.

William and Amy Schmidtfrerick Pearson sold 112 Westminster Drive, Ellicott to Robert Jr. and Lisa Schmidtfrerick-Miller for $289,000.

Royal Housing LLC of Jamestown sold 1057 E. Second St., 1059 E. Second St., 1061 E. Second St., and 396 Falconer St., all of Jamestown to Harold Whitford and Brenda Strasser for $90,000.

The executrix for the estate of Susan Lamb sold 1596 W&J Boulevard, Kiantone for $176,000.

SLI-5 LLC of Cheyenne, Wyoming sold 112 Francis St., Jamestown to Structured Living LLC of Jamestown for $25,000.

JULY 11-15

Eric Hadley, Amy Hadley, Marci Hadley and Douglas Hadley sold property on Bernard Road, Charlotte to Brodie and Kylee Fisher for $4,000.

Jeffrey Horner sold 2425 Shadyside Road, Mina to Michael Collins for $30,000.

The Chautauqua County Land Bank Corp. sold 4 Livingston Ave., Jamestown to Roger Penhollow for $500.

The Chautauqua County Land Bank Corp. sold 36 E. Seventh St., Dunkirk to Renee Pchelka for $1,500.

Arborview Business Park Inc. of Rochester sold 6417 Hamilton Road to Linda Hegner for $54,000.

The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities sold property on Route 394, Poland to the Estate of Bertha Simmons for $5,000.

Harold and Dawn Whitford sold 28 Pearl Ave., Jamestown to Evelyn Palm for $25,000.

Joseph Orton sold 8516 West Lake Road, Westfield, to Jeffrey and Rebecca Mitchell for $700,000.

Shannon Taylor sold 91 E. Summit St., Lakewood to Nancy Burkholder for $145,000.

Juan Pablo Flores Jaramillo sold 646 Fairmount Ave. Ellicott to Shannon and Tesni Taylor for $230,000.

Andrea Munsee-Wellman sold 11 Pennsylvania Ave., Jamestown to Daniel and Jennifer Zabala for $76,500.

Jessica Steffen sold 31 Monroe St., Silver Creek to Dakota Bearce and Kelsey Weber for $190,000.

Georgia Davis and Kristen Kutina sold 10424 Bayshore Drive, Pomfret to Ralph and Delores Dolce for $230,000.

Kenneth and Shirley Brown sold 1825 Shadyside Road, Busti to Steven and Jill Schmidt for $37,250.

The Executrix for the estate of Ann Burgstrom sold 7 Woodward Drive, Pomfret to 324 Properties LLC of Fredonia for $103,000.

Thomas Stahlman sold 39 Westcott St., Jamestown to Eric Bentham for $23,000.

A trustee of the Waugh Family Trust sold 9 Jackson St., Silver Creek to Natham Nemec for $207,000.

The executor for the estate of Ronald Vettenburg sold 8941 French Creek Road, Sherman for $70,000.

The trustee of the Hilliker 2021 Family Trust sold 12783 Moran Lane, Hanover to Michael and Karen Mann for $376,000.

Elmer and Patricia Frontuto sold 274 Buffalo St., Jamestown to Brandon Cramer for $125,000.

The executor for the estate of William Leichner sold 1222 Kiantone Road, Kiantone to Douglas and Tina Huckabone for $60,500.

Robert and Nanette Bartkowiak sold 602 Edgewater Drive, Westfield to Jeffrey and Andrea Holloway for $114,900.

Edward Gajewski sold 965 Harris Hollow Road, Ellington to Christopher Himes for $28,000.

Timothy and Sandra Mead sold 306 Central Ave., Dunkirk to Riverwood Crossing Plaza, LLC of Sterling Heights, Michigan for $360,000.

Nelson BS Nobles sold property on County Road 68, Cherry Creek to Melvin and Rebekah Shetler for $11,000.

A referee for Justin Messina sold 376 Broadhead Ave., Jamestown to Midfirst Bank of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for $29,667.

A referee for Bernard Thinehart and Jane Lindquist sold 8768 Center Road, Arkwright to US Bank National Association for $70,100.

Richard and Joan Berner sold 934 Charles St., Irving to Olden Ingram and Kristy Jones for $320,000.

Calvinia Knight sold 837 N. Main St., Jamestown to Dion Knight for $35,000.

The administrator of the estate of Bernice Jones sold 14 Wilson St., Ellicott to Patricia Fralick for $75,500.

Laverne Miller sold property on West Whallon St., Chautauqua to Norman Green for $1,000.

Ralph and Brenda Caruso sold 2109 Cedar Brook Road, Busti to Terrence and Kathleen Stronz for $325,000.

The executrix for the estate of Charles Cowen sold 39 New York Ave., Dunkirk to Leslie Long for $156,000.

The executrix for the estate of Peter Epolito sold 177 Liberty St., Fredonia to Jane Lilly for $75,000.

Brucelander LLC of Jamestown sold 24 Dewey Place, Jamestown to Maribel Vasquez for $70,000.

16 Chestnut LLC of Plainview, NY sold 16 Chestnut St., Fredonia to Kristine Caine for $112,400.

Susan Swanson sold 405 Weeks St., Jamestown to Margaret Pullan for $109,500.

Kyle and Mary Balona sold 8023 Rood Road, Arkwright to Samuel Siragusa and Alisha Szumigala for $269,900.

John and Therese Semonin sold 7968 East Lake Road, Westfield to Gary and Lauren Ritten for $625,000.

The executrix for the estate of Frank Repina sold 462 Hoag Road, Harmony to Jonathan and Heidi Bogue for $186,430.

Kenneth and Kimberly Holtz sold 23 Elm St., Silver Creek to Frankthaniel and Amanda Santiago for $155,000.

Michaela Lemelin sold 39 Maple Ave., Cassadaga to Theresa Tobar for $80,000.

Colleen Murphy sold 48 Dale Drive, Cassadaga to Michaela Lemelin for $168,000.

Richard and Sarah Sager sold 2.1 acres on County Line Road, Hanover to Terence Kennedy for $16,000.

Randal Illig sold 4136 Mead Road, Busti to David Warren and Tara Swan for $500,000.

Gerald Mekus sold 305 Eagle St., Dunkirk to Grace Mary Nazario Marin and Edgar Yadiel Diaz for $40,000.

The Estate of Adele Blum sold property on Parkview Lane, Portland to the Jean Wagner Revocable Trust for $15,000.

The Estate of Adele Blum sold property on Parkview Lane, Portland to Nancy Kohler for $15,000.

The Estate of Adele Blum sold property on Parkview Lane, Portland to Margaret Braun and Aaron Pomerantz for $20,000.

Charleen Conigilo Bass sold 2559 Route 39, Sheridan to John Jr. and Katie Koch for $118,000.

Abigail Pardue sold 11 Dearing Ave., Jamestown to Heather Sampson for $69,000.

Kyle Haller sold 2578 Tompkins Road, Ellicott to Michael Case and Amber Porter for $95,000.

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