Balancing the books: Growing number of finance related jobs across Europe

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The world of work continues to change. Trends include a growth of automation adoption, an increasing geographic concentration of employment, the shrinkage of labour supply, and the shifting mix of sectors and occupations. These changes are impacting the finance sector, which has been disrupted by new technology and a growth in new positions.

Finance continues to be one of the most desirable career paths for recent graduates, partly due to the generous salaries that many finance roles provide. Whilst there are plenty of finance graduate job listings all around Europe, which country has the most?

A new report provides an assessment of finance roles and average salaries. This is based on information from CMC Markets and provided to Digital Journal for review in relation to the European Union.

For the analysis, the firm used data from EuroJobs to discover which European country has the most finance graduate job listings.

Country Number of Entry-Level Finance Graduate Listings (EuroJobs) Average Finance Grad Job Salary (EUR)
France 114,947 €39,171
United Kingdom 113,952 €36,675
Germany 66,338 €40,000
Netherlands 32,352 €43,910
Italy 12,539 €28,000
Poland 10,100 €30,561
Belgium 9,426 €37,557
Switzerland 9,390 €70,942
Ireland 9,334 €30,000
Spain 5,099 €30,818
Portugal 3,263 €22,818
Austria 2,814 €33,345
Denmark 2,565 €60,029
Sweden 2,084 €44,136
Greece 1,305 €24,816
Romania 902 €12,871
Norway 772 €45,649
Hungary 690 €16,559
Finland 421 €36,000
Turkey 300 €12,547

France takes first place as the European country with the most graduate jobs in finance, with 114,947 job listings in the last 30 days. The average salary for a graduate finance job in France is €39,171.

The U.K. is next, with 113,952 finance-related graduate job listings on EuroJobs in the last 30 days. The average salary is around €36,675 or £31,613.

Germany has 66,338 job listings for finance graduate jobs, whilst the Netherlands has 32,352. Italy has 12,539, and Poland has 10,100.  Switzerland is the country which pays the highest salaries for graduate finance roles. According to Glassdoor, the average salary is €70,942 or £61,147.

Michael Hewson, Chief Market Analyst at CMC Markets, explains: “There are thousands of finance graduate job listings all over Europe, as our research shows. Working in finance allows graduating students to be exposed to a stimulating, challenging environment early in their careers.”

The analyst adds: “Entry-level finance jobs allow the opportunity to learn quickly in a fast-paced environment whilst developing existing skills and growing in confidence. A career in finance will also improve your analytical thinking, decision-making and reporting skills. Through a nationwide survey, Glassdoor recently voted finance manager the second best job in the UK.”

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